Our Mission

The Company’s ethos is based on professional excellence, transparency, ethicality and client satisfaction.

Transparency and ethically will always be the center of our business model.  At all times we will conduct our inspections, surveys and other services, with honor, pride, honesty and propriety, within the laws of the United States where we are based and registered and within the laws of the countries which we will be conducting our inspections and surveys.

We will not say things that are false.  We will never deliberately mislead. We will go to great lengths to keep our commitments.  We will not make promises we cannot keep. We will live up to our ethical principles even when confronted by personal, professional and social risks, as well as economic pressures.

Client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.  We will endeavor to improve our services and our systems-in-place every day.

















Our Services:

Ship Management:

The company has a Document of Compliance from Bureau Veritas for the operation of oil tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels.

We can provide full management services or technical services alone for the above type of vessels.

Management of the vessels is carried out from League City, Texas and Athens, Greece.

Agency & Logistics Services:

Our area of operations covers all ports from Brownsville, TX to New Orleans, LA.  From Mobile, AL, Tampa, FL and the entire East Coast of the United States we work with local partners, while maintaining operational control from Houston.

What makes our services distinct is that we can combine agency husbandry services with inspections and surveys, as well as technical support to our clients.

  • Technical support in materials, spares, and workshops locally. 
  • Environmental (MARPOL) Audits

We operate our own in-house bonded warehouse approved by U.S. Customs.  We are Customs Brokers with U.S. Customs and have own vehicles to move ships-spares-in-transit approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. We provide logistics services in both export and import of goods.

Inspections & Surveys:

We offer the following services:

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Superintendent attendances to assist Masters with USCG PSC and/or ISPS inspections
  • Crew training
  • Draft surveys
  • On/Off hire surveys
  • Bunker surveys
  • Cargo heating optimazation
  • Fleet performance monitoring
  • Superintendent’s visits. We will include a report with photographs to cover the client’s requirement on their SMS to have their ships inspected quarterly by office personnel.
  • Conduct navigational audits with our Master Mariners.
  • Assist the Masters with the USCG PSC inspection.
  • Carry out internal ISM and ISPS audits.
  • Attend the ships during the Class annual surveys and we will arrange the attendance of the radio technician and carry out the FFE/LSA inspections.
  • Assist the crew preparing drydock specifications.
  • Assist the vessel with any repairs, supplies etc. as required.

The Company has a joint venture agreement with Margetis Maritime Consulting of Greece to carry out technical surveys on behalf of the Hull & Machinery Underwriters and P&I Clubs.

Technical Services:

We have a joint venture with Naias Labs S.A. of Greece.  We have trained technicians to take samples as per VGP, Ballast, Bilge and Sewage.  In the process of establishing our own laboratory to do the biological analysis of ballast water as per VGP and IMO requirements.

We have a joint venture with Anvil Attachments Inc. to provide repairs and fabrication of marine grabs. Anvil Attachments Inc., is strategically positioned in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, near the busiest waterways in the United States at the Mississippi River.  Anvil Attachments can repair any grab, from any maker, and can fabricate a new grab much faster that the competition, having the fastest lead time in the industry.  The company has a number of patents in grab design and uses LEAN engineering techniques and FEA programming. Click Here to Download Brochure

We have a joint venture agreement with Marine Plus SA of Greece to provide high quality technical support of vessels calling the United States.  We have a large network of marine service providers to provide annual inspections and servicing of equipment, we can arrange mechanical, electrical, steel, piping or hydraulic repairs and we work with several shipyards in the United States to provide dry dock services.

Consulting Services:

We are expert witness and testify in Arbitrations in New York.  We also testify in Federal Courts on criminal cases (magic pipe cases).

Offshore Services:

We offer an array of engineering services to domestic and foreign clients in the areas of offshore drilling and production.  We have a very experienced team of engineers who can offer the following services:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Platform Design & Modification
  • Floating System Design & Modification
  • Offshore Rig Design & Modification
  • Compliance
  • Consulting to Governments on Regulatory Matters

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Our People


Our competitive advantage

Recognizing the skills, commitment and contribution of our employees remains fundamental to the principles of our company.

















Our Partners