12The ancient Greeks believed that Oceanus, or Okeanos, was a divine figure in classical antiquity that was the diving personification of the sea, an enormous river encircling the world. Today, the seas which encircle the world is the avenue by which 90% of all goods are transported, by ships, and keep international trade and commerce possible.
True to our Greek heritage we named our company after the god Oceanus. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our clients in the maritime industry, incorporating promptness and efficiency in the way we operate our company.
The company was formed in March 2015 and is a registered LLC in the State of Texas. Operations commenced in May 2016 after spending a year preparing ourselves.
We are based in League City, Texas, with close proximity to the ports of Houston and Galveston. We serve all ports in the State of Texas and Louisiana with a minimum notice of a few hours, we can attend all other ports in the United States and abroad with advanced notice.